Monday, July 9, 2012

A little red bench...table...

 Not too long ago, I stopped by this old Goodwill mission and found this awesome bench. Or, at least, I thought it was a bench. Even though the hubby had put a hold on buying any more furniture, I had to have it! All three doors open to reveal a great big open space just waiting for a cute basket, or something fun! So I snagged it. A few days later, they actually delivered it to me! (I know! A steal that they deliver ? So cool!)  

Once I got it home and inspected it closer, I found out that I was once the bottom half of an entertainment center. On the back, they'd cut through the paneling so allow access to cords and such, and there were shelves so you could put DVD players, etc there. 

I could not decided what to do with it, until I almost tripped over a can of paint I'd been sitting on for some reason. I opened it and found this beautiful red that I had painted my kitchen in long ago - VISION! I knew this was the perfect color for this piece! 

So...what is it? Well, I can see this being a great coffee table, and store all your movies and such in, or if I were to keep it, I think I'd make a cushion for the top and make it a bench for the back door. Inside I'd put baskets in for all our shoes and winter necessities - but that's just my thoughts. :) 

By the way, this bad boy is HEAVY! and measures 22.5" tall by 21.5" deep by 57.5" long. 

Oh yeah, remember how the hubby had said no more purchases? When he saw this, he loved it and instantly forgave me...and since I've finished it, he's trying to convince me that we need to keep it! :D 


Jen said...

It looks SO much better dressed in red...that yellow wood did nothing for it's appeal :~) You did an awesome job with it Jenn!

Jenn said...

Thanks so much! Funny how someone at sometime really did like that yellow/orange wood look... A LOT! :D