Monday, June 25, 2012

What a week! And new listings!

Happy Monday! I must be strange (but we already know that!) because I love Mondays. Except for the waking up and getting going part...I love that it starts a new week with new projects to find and start. Although the weekend was very productive, I am excited for all the fun things I've got to look forward to finishing this week! 

I have a super fabulous cousin that takes super fabulous pictures. She has a cute little blog called  Melanie Isaac Photography and she does a great job. We had her take our family pictures last fall and cannot wait until I can convince the hubby to get new ones! :D Anywho, she was looking for some fun chairs to pose people with, and I just happened to have two! I cannot wait to see what wonderful pictures she takes with these! 

Aren't they so bright and fun? I love how they turned out! 
(Please excuse the mess behind - it was a crazy weekend!)

Next up was a sad little nightstand that I'd had for years. Back when I started my love affair with furniture and paint, I went through a black phase. I painted EVERYTHING I owned in black. This little number was no exception. I've changed up my bedroom a bit, so it was time to refinish and sell this cutie. Well, what was going to become a cutie! 

So sad, so boring...

 Not anymore! Look how sweet it looks now! I used a butter yellow and then super distressed it, and now you can see just how cute it is! I love how this turned out! 

 A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was so sweet and brought by a truckload of furniture she'd rescued and thought I could use. This headboard was one of those pieces...however, it was very boring and sad. I'm sorry to say that I forgot to take a before picture. Picture a 1970's brown, no decoration on it, and scratched, dented and pathetic. There you go! And now, feast your eyes on this beauty! So much better! 

And last, but certainly not least, comes this little table. I found it on Friday, and even though I had promised not to bring home any more furniture right now, I had to get this one! It had so much potential! I was half afraid that it was a veneer, but oh! I was so excited to find it a solid wood beauty in disguise! I had it home for all of fifteen minutes before I got to work. 
From boring....

to WOW! 
I have to tell you that this combination is one of my all-time favorites. I would redo every piece I brought home this way if I could! This is a light aqua that I have used on many a piece in my own house, and with the dark walnut top I think it just pops! Both drawers work and are waiting for some amazing fabric to line them. Such a cute table! 

And so, with that, we are off to the races! We're taking our family camping this weekend, so I only have 4 days to get a bunch of projects done this week...I hope I can stay focused and resist the urge to veg while catching up on "Psych" episodes! Darn you Netflix for making my favorite shows so accessible! 

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Leisa said...

i LOVE this one so much! It's beautiful!